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3/12 — A Memory

photo by the author

A memory today of my son
Maybe 13?
Behind the closed door of his room doing exercises
Push-ups? Squats? Something of his own design?

What did someone say to him at school? What girl did he like? What display of incompetence in the gym?

He would tell me of sports he invented, and his mastery of them

For some of us, there is this moment where we know we’re stuck
Battling a part of us that despises us

Where we are alone forever
Behind the door of that room
Shut to even people that love us more than they love themselves



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Luke DeLalio

Luke DeLalio

Artsie and loquacious, Luke hangs out at the intersections of humor and regret, ambition and ambivalence, please more wine and jeez I need to lose weight.