You are everything I never was

Come Closer

It’s time to say goodbye


Photo by Roberto Tumini via unsplash

You are so very deserving
You are
in the balance
so much more than I could ever give
So much more than a lifetime of offers
And knowing it all
in the clarity of my mind
still an eternity do I find
when converting the purity of thought
to the gentle touching of your heart

Come closer
so that I may speak softly
Turn your ear into the wind
so that my words
floating like a feather
may find you in their path
Our hearts immune
to all kinds of weather
we being connected
beyond the simplicity of forever

Come closer
allowing no time lost from my thoughts
to your heart
Come closer

And when at last
our thoughts
assemble in our hearts
leaving no room for misunderstandings
leaving no doubts
no regrets
leaving only our shared air
Once where stood walls of resistance
now collapsing
our melted emotions
Not a word spoken
yet I’ve never felt closer
to the essence of you
the essence of us

I lay my head
in the comfort of your soul
Not a word spoken
A single teardrop falls
suspended in time
A lifetime of you and I
flash by
I can see our beginning
I can feel our ending
I feel the teardrop getting closer
The light upon our horizon grows dim
I am so very blessed
for having been in your lifetime
A single teardrop arrives
I feel its warmth upon my cheek
Closing my eyes
I fall asleep




Anthony Cloe Huie (Choose Living Over Existing)
The Lark Publication

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