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Dawn Will Come

It is always the darkest before dawn

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

Very often, we lose
heart and despair.
We forget reality
before dawn, it is
the darkest before
dawn brings first
light in our life.
Wise has said
darkness helpless
despair is one side
of reality.
Accepting it, you must
not forget daylight
is the other side of life.
Do not give up any of
your heart’s desires for
fear of despairs, walk on.
You will reach the dawn
and the first…




The Lark shares fictional short stories and poetry

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Diepak Paul

Diepak Paul

Life gave me much. I published first novel 2011. I am rewriting after my disability due to accident, and stroke. Starting to write here to heal, and be healed.

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