Empty Devotion

Evolution of being

Aravindh V Bala
The Lark
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Nov 26, 2021

A world full of followers — Those who pride being believers
I see the crowd — I shiver in fear and silently suffer
That I annoyingly differ — Inability to follow, For my soul so shallow…

Devotion is Surrender, they say…
Societal pressures pry — With Kith and Kin, I try
I pray, I wish, I bow — I yield and become
A pious Daydreamer.

A few years — I pray
I doubt I suspect, I raise — I seek and flay
Bare and bruise and empty — Woke to Reality
Vowed to seek and seek and seek
And seek and shun and Surrender…

Ignore my fallacies or advice
Aravindh V Bala



Aravindh V Bala
The Lark

JOY || To climb,my lungs ache — To stay, my heart aches. I climb inevitably || Mountains, I adore. Music, I bow || For my novice mind is humbled ever •°•°•°••°°