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First Flight

Thoughts on our child’s first solo travel shared with their gracious hosts

Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

To the edge of the desert,
the shimmery sandy sea,
Took off young travelers,
and with them a part of me.

Who once needed prodding,
to mind all their wares,
were now merrily trotting,
to take on the worldly cares.

“What’s the big deal,” they said,
with their ever-youthful trust.
“It's a storm in the teacup,”
and won‘t be the first!

Agreed they were right,
but then so was our plight,
which tempered our delight,
of their first solo flight.

But any worries we had,
any lingering quease,
were much ado about nothing,
and at once put at ease.

When the photos started flowing,
with their faces that were glowing.
In the company of their friends,
it was really showing!

In that city of warm sunshine,
over shimmery elusive sand.
Were etched stories lasting a lifetime,
in the hippocampal gland.

Something shapeless amorphous,
but quite easily seen,
was the toil, and the labor,
that went behind the scenes.

For you generously shared your time,
and your warm cozy nest.
So the experiences they had,
were nothing but the best!

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© Shishir Ayalasomayajula




The Lark shares fictional short stories and poetry

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Shishir Ayalasomayajula

Shishir Ayalasomayajula

Tinkerer, thinker, wanderer often lost, and seldom found.

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