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The Lark

Flower Dresses

A poem by Dash MacIntyre

(Photo by Leah Kelley)

A lovely girl wore flower dresses every day
even when it rained
and that’s what nourished my attraction
but I broke up with her for another lovely girl
who only wore flower dresses on sunny days
and my first musing lady stopped wearing them altogether
and the second didn’t work out either
and gave up too those floral reminders
of incomprehensible me
who loved those dresses so much.
This is my apology to the world for darkening it just a little
subtracting two pretty girls dressed in daisies
carnations orchids marigolds petunias and calla lilies
because I was not yet the man the darlings deserved
and it’s a misfortune for girls they mature much faster.



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Dash MacIntyre

Dash MacIntyre

Comedian, political satirist, and poet. Created The Halfway Post, and is publishing comedy lots of places. Follow THP on Twitter to read my Dada journalism.