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Gray Drops

Comfort fragments

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Painstaking night
at dawn,
how livid it reveals
wet gray drops.

Lazy notes
articulated cold,
seductive diamonds
cold and precocious.

Projected meticulous
altering the morning,
I confess -confirm-
seduce my soul and broken heart.

Gotas Grises

Fragmentos de Consuelo

Minuciosa noche
en amanecido día,
que lívida desvela
húmedas gotas grises.

Notas de pereza
articuladas frías,
seductoras diamantinas
ateridas y precoces.

Proyectadas minuciosas
alterando la mañana,
confieso -confirmo-
seducen a mi alma y corazón roto.

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The Lark shares fictional short stories and poetry

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Esteban Giancaterino

Esteban Giancaterino

Painting is silent poetry, Poetry is blind painting - Leonardo da Vinci

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