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Her Soul at Night

She only sees one point of view

Photo by Indah Maulida (Author)

One woman at night
She listened to big family talks
They are so sweet
But her soul is longing for another place.

One lucky star at night
She won a big prize
New money, new friends
But her soul is restricting the joy.

One deadline task at night
She must look at the big picture
To see the perspective of the situation
But her soul is believing one point of view.

One free time at night
She watched a big screen
Main leads end up together
But her soul is wishing they don’t.

One daydream at night
She gazed out and stood on the big rooftop
Night will turn into day, time’s ticking
But her soul stays in dead of night.

One thought at night
She knows it’s a big deal
Neither happy nor sad
Her soul not belonging to them.

© 2022 Indah Maulida

Thank you for reading.



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Indah Maulida

Indah Maulida

I write poetry as I try to live better, and be fully me. | Support my writing here