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All wound, the last kills

Photo — Paco Marchal

Thinner time
that diminishes life,
short complement
that limits, fragments,
minute hours
sister us and loses us
in contemporary days,
it hurts us
and kills us
to the same extent;
with identical caliber.


Vulnerant Omnes. Ultima Necat
Todas hieren, la última mata

Diluyente tiempo
que disminuye vida,
breve complemento
que limita, fragmenta,
horas minuciosas
nos hermana y nos pierde
en contemporáneos días,
pues nos hiere
y nos mata
en idéntica medida;
con idéntico calibre.

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Esteban Giancaterino

Esteban Giancaterino

Painting is silent poetry, Poetry is blind painting - Leonardo da Vinci

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