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Just Write It

A poem for writers seeking encouragement

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You have stories to tell.
You have books to write.
You have a unique voice,
that needs to be shared with the world.

Your mind is overflowing with topics and ideas.
As you write for the heart from the soul.

Your visions are becoming clear,
and circumstances are aligning.
You have all that you need and then some,
as you surround yourself with inspiration,
and embrace divine timing.

Look within, to your light.
See how it shines with all its might?
Traveling this journey on which you embark.
You begin to find comfort in the dark.

Your soul craves adventure and to be still.
Is it possible to have both?
For this, you will try, and I know, you will.

You have nothing to lose,
and so much to gain.
Just write it.




The Lark shares fictional short stories and poetry

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Demi Mason

Demi Mason

My desire to write grows with writing. Personal and emotive scripts about thoughts and perspectives. Short and sweet reads. Enjoy :)

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