Love Like a Spoon

A poem

Giulietta Passarelli
The Lark
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2 min readFeb 15, 2021


It scoops us up like ice cream,
sweet and rich
it stirs our heart and soul
and satisfies our cravings
for passion and the freedom to
spread our wings and fly.

It’s all different colors and
enticing our eyes like window

Its flame ignites and burns
bright like the Olympic torch
every part of us shouts and cheers
championing the best of ourselves
for another.

We prefer a dreamy dessert rather
than eating greens
but love also reminds us eating greens will
make love grow like our bodies and love
isn’t always a dessert dished up.

It’s work and setting boundaries
it’s compromise and admitting when
we’ve been wrong
it’s forgiving when we don’t want to
it’s moving to its rhythm whether it’s
fun, fast, somber, or when it aches.



Giulietta Passarelli
The Lark

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