Quieting the Noise

Giulietta Passarelli
The Lark
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2 min readFeb 8, 2021


A poem

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The quiet beckons
your face relaxes
you can hear a pin drop
and your heartbeat.

There are whispers of another
but only today is granted
dismay is fought shielding you
from further query
not knowing when you
will die
makes you question your doings,
bringing fault to light, yet the
quiet relinquishes your beckonings
and relieves your anguish.

You forgive and forget in the quiet
life breathes another tomorrow, as
the sun rises and places you again
upon the earth.

You have no need to wonder or wander
only to live in the moments of the day
a smile has begun, and you live
the sun smiles too and looks upon you
with love and its light brings motion.

But as the day wears on, agitation may
awaken, crowding you, bothering you,
you feel bewildered and sometimes
frantic as time rushes by.

Hope diminishes as soon as it arrives and
tethers you to frustration
no one seems to care, to be watchful,
nor mindful.

Trials come and go
you wither like winter beaten willows,
like weathered branches
you hope for spring and leaves to
feather your skin.

The day is long, and your need
for the quiet grows and creaks
like a stitch in your side
beckoning you again.

You listen and wait for
the quietude that lingers and waits
for you to breathe
to close the door to the clamor
of the day opening the postern
to peace.

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Giulietta Passarelli
The Lark

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