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A meditation

Photo by Margit Bantowsky on Unsplash

The pond fills with uncharted depths,
sometimes murky, seldom clear.
Pondering over reflections held,
reveries of worlds far from here.

A storm arrives with all its heft,
dark and quirky ready to shear.
Floundering boats together held,
by quivery hopes, just appeared.

Thunking fall of waves upswept
tossed around with tumult and fear.
Spunky sinews strained and shelled,
by rage, mistrust and doubts uncleared.

Eventually it all comes to a head,
the battle between despair and cheer.
The rickety raft rattled but held,
patiently coddling the storm to clear.

Then the panting breaks into deeper breaths.
The waves dissolve and ripples appear.
And the wordy worries, are curiously quelled,
vented, weared then so gently steered.

In the water, the craft, and the storm that swept,
the miracle happens in the now and here.
By heeding to all and feelings that welled,
with kindness and empathy, always adhered.

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©Shishir Ayalasomayajula




The Lark shares fictional short stories and poetry

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Shishir Ayalasomayajula

Shishir Ayalasomayajula

Tinkerer, thinker, wanderer often lost, and seldom found.

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