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The Lark


A poem

Person flips through pictures on a phone.
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Digital devices distort
light into pixels
moods without meaning
your fake smile appears
almost real
when captured
into stillness
and shadows look
like bruises
Haunted memory
washed out and still
a storybook world
full of digital people
passed over, gone
with a flick
of a fast finger
as I leave
those memories behind
look forward in time
still digital
but less distorted
from the reality
I saw with my own eyes
as I held up
this device



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Pluto Wolnosci

Pluto Wolnosci

“As out there as the planet itself.”— MWC Honorable Mention. Confused & searching. Creation is life. Running from my Black Dog. May include affiliate links.