Paying attention to existence

Aravindh V Bala
The Lark
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May 14, 2021
Photo by Mario Gogh on Unsplash

Four Decades, I roam naked and shameless — Thoughtful and Selfless

Mindful deeds, Kindest being, a man with a Lion’s heart — All meaningless,

Makes meaning and sense though, gain acceptance and adulation in a sane world

Hard work, work ethics, discipline, honesty, a role model — and the likes…

Should take me wherever I wish — I wish and wish, as life hikes

Mindless, outcome less work — and yet, I swell in pride…

Experiences gathered, seen some colors, painted some pictures, some wonderful paintings and some between beauty and ugly, some beyond and some outside…

Only, a few hours ago, heard the din within

A steady hand, drawing the Canvas!

How Shameless to brag??

Ignore my fallacies or advice


Aravindh V Bala



Aravindh V Bala
The Lark

JOY || To climb,my lungs ache — To stay, my heart aches. I climb inevitably || Mountains, I adore. Music, I bow || For my novice mind is humbled ever •°•°•°••°°