Carrying ancient secrets


Photo by Ganapathy Kumar on Unsplash

snowmelt spills over granite

Mother Nature’s resolve
smoothing sharp edges

timeworn surfaces
with long-held secrets
released into frigid water

the rushing stream
flowing and coursing

ancient secrets carried
splashing the face of Spring

waking her

ancient secrets
nourishing wildflowers

poppies, lupine, milkweed

ancient secrets
creating a beautiful landscape

ancient secrets
brought to life by snowmelt

Sydney Duke Richey writes from the heart. Inspired by everyday experiences, her poems, haiku, and non-fiction come from a slice of her life.
Sydney lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband. She has two children and two grandchildren.



Sydney Duke Richey
The Lark Publication

Writing from the heart, I’m inspired by everyday experiences. My poems, haiku and non-fiction come from a slice of my life. *Top Writer in Poetry*