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Splitting Image


Photo by Rebecca Campbell on Unsplash

Tattoo on my right arm
show the Birds flying away
just look in the mirror
Show them accepting a ride home.

The Birds spoke something facing me.
Which I slipshod for a while
however, later opted to listen
On the appeal of them.

The Birds continued twirling the mirror, saying,
remains the most deceptive weaponry
Within your World.

What shows Go as Upcoming
On that Good arm of yours.
Why does your World superimpose its existence?

Does the mirror accurately reflect?
The length and breadth of your face?

Square runs possibly Rectangular
Oval strains probably Symmetrical
Round conceivably Triangular
Or expires Heart-shaped

Keep your Hand on your Head,
What do you see?

Does he collect the right
Mouth Expressions?
Laughs, Grins, Frowns.
Render justice to the
Lips — Slim, Full, Open, Locked?

The ones that frighten us the most.
Does it seize capable of reflecting?
Your Fundamental Character Trait?

Friendly confused to Fear of
Building yourself Cranky.
Evaluating an encounter to be Funny,
Steering it on Cultured.

Moody crosses, Goodly trapping your Intelligence.
Speculative gossip stretches
Unlucky believable Life Taxing.

At last, my Birds gave me the stage to Tweet
After their Quiz session was over.
I nodded in agreement; perhaps you’re right.

Mirrors are Magical from the Root.
Men and women feel sketchy at them
Granting folks entangled on their outside.

Only fools like me can figure out the Specifics.
Staring at mirrors is a Wasteland.
Other than you understand it
Toward scanning your Shaking Teeth.



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