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Of tears

Photo by form PxHere by Robert Couse-Baker

Waterfall of tears
Flowing endlessly
All my fears
Slowly strangling me

Grasping for a glimpse
Just one moment of sanity
My heart is not equipped
For this lonely unreality

Memories like knives
Bring me to my knees
Desperate to hold my wife
God ignores my pleas

What’s the point of this
To awaken, to breathe
Seeking solace in a soulless eclipse
Mired in oppressive grief

Time, they told me
Will be your cure
Just another fantasy
Like their hugs to reassure

Walking now, I trip and fall
Staggering towards depths unknown
Battered by the serpents squall
My heart, my love, has flown

©2022 Joe Merkle All rights reserved

Thank you for reading.

Note: I have been trying to write more recently, but most often I am shooting blanks. I start something and just give up. Most of it is just dog puke. Occasionally a prompt from assorted publications spurs my creative juices for 20 minutes. This poem explains why I am seldom in touch with reality these days.

I want to give thanks to Denise Larkin for being the first to publish me here on Medium. Her publication The Lark is awesome and if you are not submitting your writing to it…well get on with it. :))




The Lark shares fictional short stories and poetry

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Joe Merkle

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