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When I’m Old

I won’t care a fudge

“When I’m Old”|©Design by Kiran Kumar

When I’m old, I won’t care a fudge
I’ll do what I want.
I’ll say what I think.
I’ll learn to play the saxophone
just to annoy my kids.
I’ll paint nude models
to get reactions — the oohs and ahhs.
I’ll dress as if it’s the 60s again
in psychedelic colors and hippy styles.
I’ll get a camper van and
hit the road.
I’ll spend my kid’s inheritance
just because I can.
I’ll go on wild holidays and have wild…




The Lark shares fictional short stories and poetry

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I’m an entrepreneur/business woman, mother, poet, writer, speaker, digital artist and podcaster — with a lifetime of stories, lessons learnt and so

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