A Life On Spin Cycle

Not moving, yet moving.

Photo by Ioana Cristiana on Unsplash

Abandoned storefronts. Sun-bleached signs sit as tombstones to failed businesses. One remains, surrounded by failed dreams. A laundromat. Because even dreams need cleaning.

I toss a pair of duffle bags over my shoulders, a denim leg trying its best to kick its way out, and tug open a glass door. It sways, buckling under the lack of grease and shock of an…




At the end of every journey, there’s a story. A publication to toast travel experiences, uncover new ways of life, and to wander deeper along the roads less traveled.

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Greyson Ferguson

Greyson Ferguson

You might hate my first story, but maybe you’ll like the next. Sub to my raw stories at Substack: https://bit.ly/3tnf6lU. Say hi at: greysonferguson@gmail.com

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