The Ultimate Role Reversal: Grandma as a Naughty Shopper?

A 4 Paw Review by Rotto 🐾🐾

Sandi Parsons
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Let’s Go Shopping, Grandma by Sharon Giltrow and Dhwani Gosalia

Using a second-person narrative, Giltrow has woven another humourous role-reversal story.

Young readers will giggle with delight at Grandma’s antics as she skips to the bus, eats all the free samples and needs a piggyback ride home.

Skip to the bus stop together.

Your grandma will

stop to…

smell the roses,

pat all the dogs,

chat to the other

grandmas along

the way.

The charming text is paired with delightful and joyful illustrations by Dhwani Gosalia. The bright illustrations showcase the hilarity of Grandma’s hijinks and highlight the frustration of the young protagonist.

Grandma’s naughtiness looms larger than life as the young protagonist carefully steers Grandma to focus on the task at hand.

Let’s Go Shopping, Grandma is the third role-reversal picture book by Sharon Giltrow and a charming companion to Bedtime Daddy and Get Ready, Mama.

Rotto gives Let’s Go Shopping, Grandma 4 Paws of Approval 🐾🐾



Sandi Parsons
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