The Last Night’s devblog is finally here.

And it’s about time. We have a lot to share about The Last Night, as we’ve been pretty silent since Tim & Adrien Soret announced in 2014 that they were expanding their winning gamejam entry into a full-scale game.

GIF of The Last Night, the winning entry for the #cyberpunkjam

We want to tell you how we went from scrappy pixel art for a gamejam in a tiny 691x269 window, to a massive 1920x1080 filled with delicious pixel art full of details, a real sense of depth and lovely animations.

We want to tell you how we imagined and designed the futuristic, gritty, yet charming city of the game. How we settled on some gameplay features, like our real time action dialogues and our 2.5D camera, and how we are juicing them.

We want to explain you how we animate our characters by hand, and how we randomise their behaviours to create a rich, 2D, believable crowd where you blend in. Or even how we are using lighting as an aesthetic, creative, and storytelling tool.

It’s really important to us that we’re a transparent studio: we want this blog to be a platform for everybody in the team to shed light on our craft and our mindset.

So keep an eye on this devlog. Meanwhile. you can still contact any of us on Twitter, get inspired, and make sure you don’t miss our next updates:

Tim Soret, game director @timsoret

Adrien Soret, lead artist @adriensoret

Danny Wadeson, lead writer & producer @madquills

Joe Kataldo, audio director @joekataldo

Ian Thompson, lead programmer @mr_ianthompson

or over email.

Danny (Producer and writer)