EUROPEAN VIEWS: Clear support for a common security and defence policy

On the launch day of the European Defence Fund, the latest Eurobarometer results on “Designing Europe’s future: Security and Defence” have been published. According to this data, EU citizens give great support for common security and defence policy.

We have published a reflection paper on the future of European defence along with the launch of the European Defence Fund. The new fund will promote cooperation and cost savings among EU countries when it comes to defence technology and equipment.

The support to common security and defence policy is very high among Europeans as shown by the recent Eurobarometer survey. The survey, which was conducted among about 28,000 citizens in April 2017, also demonstrates support for a common foreign policy and focuses on people’s opinions about security.

Support for a common defence and security policy among EU member states since 2014.
Support for a common defence and security policy in the EU and results from every EU country

Other key findings

📝Almost two thirds of Europeans (65%) are in favour of a common foreign policy of the 28 EU countries.

📝 For almost 8 in 10 respondents, the term ‘security’ brings to mind something positive (78%) while nearly 1 in 5 considers security as negative (19%).

Read the report on the latest Special Eurobarometer “Designing Europe’s future: Security and Defence”.

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