iPhone 12 Rumors- A New Design!

The iPhone 12 is looking to be the first redesign in 3 years for the iPhone, and we are getting some big improvements over the previous iPhone!

The iPhone has kept the same design for 3 years now, starting with the iPhone X. Even though many people really like this design, including me, it definitely does have some flaws in it. First of all, the notch on all models is huge, and a lot of smartphones from other manufacturers have much smaller notches. The display on the iPhone XR/11 is also an LCD panel, with the same pixel density as the iPhone 4. The bezels around the side and on the top are also pretty thick right now.

iPhone 12 render in Midnight Blue (Credit: CNET)

4 Different Models

There are 4 different iPhone 12 models that are going to be released this fall. We have an iPhone SE 2 sized phone, which will have the latest design like the other phones, with the smaller notch. This phone will come at just 5.4", which is pretty small in 2020, but also refreshing. 6.1" is the sweet spot for consumers, and Apple knows it. They will be launching two phones at this size, one in the $700 range, and a high-end, “Pro,” variant at $1000.

In the past, people have said how the iPhone 11’s size felt just right, and if the Pro specs came at that size, they’d buy it. There will still be a “Max” version of the iPhone 12, and it will be 6.7", which is even larger than the current iPhone 11 Pro Max. I think that there will be a lot of variety in the iPhone lineup for 2020, and it’s good to see Apple catering for all sorts of people, so we all have options to choose from.

High Refresh-Rate Display

We will finally be getting a high refresh-rate display in the iPhones. ProMotion, Apples name for the high refresh-rate display, is one of those awesome features that make the feel of a phone much better, and in this case, fluid. However, there is a caveat for this feature. Only the Pro iPhones will be getting the ProMotion displays, and it makes sense since they are base lining a lot of current Pro features. The biggest selling point for the iPhone 12 Pro this year will be for the better camera, and the 120Hz display.

Silver-Colored render of the iPhone 12. Boxy Shape (Credit: GizmoChina)

New, Boxy Frame

As you can see with the renders of the iPhone 12, Apple is taking a trip down memory lane to the iPhone 4 design. It’s a look that they brought back with the introduction of the 2018 iPad Pro, and people are in love with it. The boxy look paired with the thinness of today's iPhones really make a striking look, and they look much more sturdier without the curves.

This is also a pretty strong rumor that we have received since the beginning of the iPhone 12 rumors, and there are many CAD files, case designs, and more to back this up, and in general it looks very promising. It also seems like Apple would make a move like this since a lot of their lineup has been getting boxy, like the iPad Pro, MacBook Pro, and now the iPhone 12.

Standard OLED Display

The OLED display is the one thing that I miss having when I switched from the Galaxy Note8 to the iPhone XR a couple of years ago. The display on my iPhone XR is sub-par, for sure, and I can see it with daily usage. Thankfully, Apple is looking to add an OLED display to all variants of the iPhone 12, which would be great for buyers. To get one of Apple’s amazing displays at a lower price is a great move, and will propel EVEN more buyer to the standard iPhone 12 options.

iPhone 12 Pro with 4 Camera Lenses (Credit: PhoneArena)

Names of the new iPhones

The naming scheme for this years iPhone gets even harder than it was a couple of years ago in 2018, when we had no clue what Apple would call their phones. Those names turned out to be iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR, and I’m not a fan. The 5.4" iPhone 12 will be called just “iPhone 12,” and you can think of that as the baseline new iPhone if you wanted to buy.

The two 6.1" iPhone 12 models will be called “iPhone 12 Max” for the less-expensive one, and “iPhone 12 Pro” for the high-end iPhone 12. Once again, these names make absolutely no sense, since Max and Pro are usually meant to be for higher-performing models, but in this case Max is the more affordable model. Definitely a weird/controversial by Apple.

Other Rumors

5G is making waves on recent smartphones, and Apple is rumored to add 5G functionality to all of these phones. Multiple sources have confirmed to us that 5G probably will make its way to all of the new iPhones coming out in the fall, but there is another rumor regarding 5G. For the more-affordable variants of the iPhone 12, Apple might, again might, make 5G a $100 optional upgrade, and decrease the starting price from $650 for the 5.4" iPhone 12 to just $550.

Another rumor, which is not really that trusted or confirmed yet, says that Apple will take out the charging brick, EarPods, and the lightning cable from the box, which is very controversial. For me, I have tons of iPhone chargers all over my house anyways, so I won’t really be needing that extra cable and brick anyways, but it’s always nice to have. For others, if they were always Android users and they just switched, then that would be a hassle to go and buy all of those peripherals, just to charge your new phone.

Physical Piece of the rumored iPhone 12 Pro (Credit: Paperblog)

Price/Release Date

The starting price of the iPhone 12, which will be for the 5.4" variant, is rumored to be $650. I would take the $550 rumors with a grain of salt, because Apple is the company to throw unnecessary features at you just to jack up the price tag. The 6.1" iPhone 12 Max is supposed to come in at $750, with the 6.1" iPhone 12 Pro coming in an $1000. The 6.7" iPhone 12 Pro Max is supposed to come at a whopping $1100. The prices don’t really increase for any model, but the starting point for a new 2020 iPhone will reduce $50, from the $699 we saw in 2019, to $649 in 2020.

The release date of the new iPhones is in jeopardy at the moment, because of the coronavirus pandemic. The most probable situation is that Apple will release these phones in September during their keynote, but not let them out for sale until the middle of October, which makes sense, A month’s delay because of the production hassle and re-closing stores makes sense, and it’s not too long of a waiting time. As soon as get into the November time however, is when things get dicey, since it’s so close to the holiday season.

The iPhone 12 is shaping up to be one of the best phones of 2020, but we might not see it until the very end, because of the COVID-19 pandemic.




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