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Question: How can you make any custom template on a Rocketbook page?

The Short Answer: Read this blog post.

The Long Answer: You can edit our free downloadable Rocketbook pages and put your own text on the page to create a custom template. Then you can write on the page, scan, and save it (via the Rocketbook app).

What’s Going On?

Let’s catch you up to speed. With our free downloadable Rocketbook pages, you can design and share your very own templates or worksheets with all your coworkers.

You’ll be able to create a page for meeting notes, budget tracking, or daily planning. (These are just examples, of course you’re not limited to these three options. That would be pretty lame).

How To Design Your Own Rocketbook Pages

Download one of our free Rocketbook page PDFs here (we recommend using the standard dot grid for custom templates).

1. Open your free Rocketbook PDF in any file viewer with an edit function (in this example, the native Mac OS Preview application is used).

2. Insert a text box into your PDF.

3. Copy the text from your template to add to your Rocketbook page.

4. Paste your text into the PDF file and adjust your text box so that it fits properly within the page border.

5. Smile, you’re almost there. (Note: this step is optional.)

6. Rename and save your file.

7. Now you’re able to print as many copies of this template as you’d like, write on them, and save your notes online via the Rocketbook app.

Bonus Tip: You can also add tables, lines, and color to your template depending on your PDF editor.

Template Inspiration

Need ideas for templates? You’re in luck. Rocketbook’s Facebook groups are a well of ideas for custom page designs. Check out the Rocketbook Users Facebook group to see what other Rocketbook Pros are using their pages for.

Have your own template you want to share? Click this link to share your self-made Rocketbook template with the Rocketbook community.

Or check out our recent Rocketbook hack videos to see suggested templates for fitness tracking and meal planning in a notebook.

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