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Free Rocketbook Coloring Pages: Space Edition!

Get your coloring on!

Rocketbook fans and friends, ready for a wild ride of your creative side? We’re excited to share these space-tacular coloring pages with you! Regardless of your age or artistic talents, we think these are the perfect way to boost your mood and reduce stress at any point in your daily routine. Don’t believe us? Keep reading to see why coloring might be the secret weapon to conquering your day.

Space-tastic Pages for Rocket Kids

Did you know that boredom and lack of structure can lead to increased stress? If you are looking for ways to instill a sense of structure in your child’s life (or your own — let’s face it, adults need this too!), then coloring might be the perfect activity. The combination of a clear task and an established framework makes coloring a great way to combat boredom. Coloring also helps kids to develop their fine motor skills, spatial and social awareness, and self-confidence. Lastly, creative activities are a great way to introduce and learn about new topics — like Outer Space, for example! Look, we’re not saying that printing out these PDFs is going to lead to your child applying to NASA in the future … but we’re also not NOT saying it!

Coloring is Also for Adults (But You Knew That Already, Didn’t You?)

Have you noticed an increase in adult coloring books in every book store and office supply store you’ve been in? That’s because the world has figured out that coloring is still fun, even when you’re all grown up. That, as well as the fact that coloring can be a super powerful tool for combatting anxiety and tension. According to CNN, coloring can foster mental health improvement, personal expression, and relaxation. Not only that, but coloring can also help you tap into your inner child and embrace the joy of an activity that you might not have done in a long time. So, if you found yourself feeling inspired enough to print out these pages for a child in your life, consider printing one out for yourself as well!

Ready… Set… Color!

So what are you waiting for? Print out these free PDFs and get coloring! Boost your mood, increase relaxation, and reveal that spectacular creative side you knew was in there somewhere. These pages are compatible with the free Rocketbook app, so remember to scan your creative endeavor and send it to your favorite cloud destination for safekeeping.

Click an image to download the page.

Don’t forget to share your colorful creations with us on social media using #Rocketbook and tagging @GetRocketbook when you’re done!

Interested in testing out more Rocketbook pages? Explore the full collection here.

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