Our Journey to Sustainability, And Beyond…

Learn how Rocketbook is helping the planet.

Rocketbook’s journey to sustainability
Rocketbook’s journey to sustainability

How We Got Here


Okay, so not all of that is true. Actually, none of it is. To be completely honest with you, our first mission was strictly to build a notebook for the future, not to help the environment.


All of a sudden we found ourselves taking the first steps of our journey toward sustainability that we continue to walk today. So while our main objective is still to create notebooks that are otherworldly, we’re now also dedicated to saving this one.

How are Notebooks Good for the Environment?



How We’re Helping


We also use covers for our notebooks that are sourced from 100% biodegradable Kraft Paper and completely recyclable. Plus they keep your notes nice and cozy.


More recently, this summer we met up with the Esplanade Volunteer Foundation to help clean up the Charles River. Our whole Rocket Squad got down and dirty with some shears to remove an invasive plant species plaguing the area (no, not Patriot fans). If you’re in the Boston area and want to volunteer, you can sign up here.

To Infinity and Beyond…


Two great brands we look to for packaging inspiration is Patagonia, who conducted an all-out audit of their plastic usage, and Lumi, who are dedicated to finding sustainable packaging solutions.



Our sustainability efforts are fueled by our own high standards. We believe in our ability to improve because we’ve done it before. Our first notebooks were embarrassingly environmentally unsound; the Rocketbook One was designed as a one-use notebook and the Rocketbook Wave had a 5 use lifetime. Since then, we’ve beefed that number up to infinity (we know, that’s technically not a number), so we know we’re capable of improving and are glad you’re along for the journey.

To Be Continued…

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