Tips for Working Remotely (at Home)

Eliminate Distractions, Bolster Productivity

Working remotely comes with many benefits, like having a flexible schedule, being home with your child or pet, and not having to deal with a long commute to the office. It may sound like a dream, but it can also be difficult to find a balance between your work life and your home life. So, we did some research and came up with these 6 tips on how best to work remotely (while at home).

  • Balance Your Daily Routine
  • Be Your Own Boss, Be Disciplined
  • Personalize Your Schedule
  • Take Small Steps to Change
  • Win the Day with Short Term Goals
  • Stay Connected

Find a daily routine that helps you avoid feeling burnt out from work. Making time for a hobby or exercising each day can help you stay fresh and active. It can also help you balance hectic work life and your personal health. In order to have a strong daily routine, however, you need to first perfect your morning routine (as much as you might not want to). Start your day right and learn the 4 ways to become a morning person.

  • Create your daily routine
  • Make time for a hobby or exercise
  • Use the morning to get some momentum

With great power comes great reponsibility…and we’re not talking about a web-slinging superhero. We’re talking about the responsibility of discipline that comes with the freedom of working from home. Eliminate distractions by turning off the tv in the background, wearing headphones to drown out ambient noises, and only using your phone when you must. Working from home is a unique environment, but it’s up to you to hold yourself accountable for your productivity. Learn the best ways to track your good (and bad) habits with our habit tracking guide.

  • Eliminate minor distractions
  • Be loyal to your schedule
  • Find ways to police your efficiency

Everyone works better at different times of the day. Manage your schedule in a way that uses your most productive and energetic time block wisely. Eat when you want, exercise in the morning, and work when you’re the most energetic. No one knows how you work better than you (we assume), so use it to your advantage.

  • Learn when you’re most productive and use that time wisely
  • Manage your schedule around your most effective time
  • Tweak your schedule to find potential improvements

One small step for man, one giant leap for your work from home productivity…that’s the quote, right? The point is small changes to your workday can have a major impact in the future. Little tweaks to your schedule, workspace, and motivations can help create a more effective workflow that will reduce burn out. Every once in a while, try a different morning routine or work from a different room than usual.

  • Tweak your schedule for an improved effective workflow
  • Change up your work environment (within your home)
  • Be patient while finding your perfect work from home setup

Setting short term goals helps build confidence while working towards long term goals. They also act as motivation and momentum towards your long term goal so you don’t stop short of your ultimate objective. It’s not only accomplishing goals that’s hard, though, setting goals can sometimes be just as tricky. Follow this 5-step guide for setting challenging, yet achievable goals.

  • Don’t be overwhelmed by long term goals
  • Use short term goals to build momentum and confidence
  • Take the time to set meaningful goals

Working remotely can get lonely, but it doesn’t have to! Keep interacting with your coworkers and friends by using Google Hangouts, Slack, or by sending an old fashioned email. Staying connected will help maintain a collaborative environment and encourage more communication amongst your team. Every once in a while set up a remote lunch to catch up, even if there’s nothing work-related to discuss.

  • Use technology to aid remote communication
  • Schedule meetings that aren’t about work
  • Research digital resources that work for you

Remember that working from home has its benefits, but it also has its drawbacks. The best way to master the art of working remotely is to be aware of both! No matter which of these 6 tips you implement into your work routine, be sure to consistently make tweaks so you can find areas to improve.

If you’d like to see other guides related to remote work let us know in the comments!

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