Try Rocketbook For Free, From Anywhere

5 totally sane reasons you can try our pages for free.

We know it sounds crazy. Free printable pages that let you use the Rocketbook system without spending a single dime? I mean, we are a business, right? So, how do we remain profitable if we’re showing people a back door that enables them to use Rocketbook for free?

The short answer is: we’re not jerks (and we believe in the product we’ve built). We recognize that there are some perfectly sane, rational and practical situations in which current or future users may benefit from a free page or two. While the end goal is to have people (everyone on this planet, in fact) use our reusable notebooks, we also understand that these printable pages are a great way to “try before you buy”. These pdfs are especially impactful for educators to test remote learning with their students, or for corporate professionals to collaborate with teammates using Snapcast features.

Here are five legitimate reasons why you should use our free, printable pages:

1. You want to try before you buy.

2. You want to test the Rocketbook system with Your students.

3. You’re eager to find new ways to collaborate with coworkers.

4. You forgot your Rocketbook notebook at work.

5. You like free stuff.

Want the free pages already? Go right ahead, and download them right here!

If you don’t have the Rocketbook App already, be sure to download it in the Apple App Store or Google Play. For tips on how to get started with the app, check out the Rocketbook Help Center.

Remote Workers: Get the most out of our PDF pages by checking out our full guide to Connect Your Remote Team with Free Rocketbook Pages.

Remote Teachers: Use the full potential of our PDF pages by checking out our full guide to Remote Teach with Free Rocketbook Pages.

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