Creating Space with Chromotherapy

In my yoga teacher training, we started to learn about these mysterious energy centers in the body called chakras. In Indian tradition, they are centers of energy and spiritual power throughout the body. Part of the training entailed learning how to recognize if one these seven energy centers were out of balance. Reading through the material it became apparent to me that two of mine, in particular, needed to be realigned. If you are new to the chakras or need a refresher, I recommend you check out this article which is an excellent and simple guide.

I recognized the imbalance in my heart chakra and solar plexus chakra was correlated with emotional issues I was struggling with like low self-esteem and a lack of inner peace. I set an intention to incorporate yoga poses into my practice to start the healing process. However, I was still in a rut and needed to harness positive energy to jumpstart my under active centers. I started to research places in the Kansas City area that offered energy therapy after hearing about my Aunt’s huge success with the process in Vancouver.

Actual Crystals are placed on the corresponding Chakra to help boost the energy spiraling through that field.
I was able to find The Laya Center which offered energy healing and chromotherapy for just $35.

Each chakra is also associated with different smells and elements. The session started with being exposed to seven different smells and me blindly choosing the two I was drawn too because those were what my body longed for and needed. WHICH WAS MY SOLAR PLEXUS, HEART and also root chakra (the senses are amazing). After, I picked two words I connected to the healing session begun. Crystals have the powerful ability to absorb and radiate energy which is why they are used for chakra therapy.

John of God Bed at The Laya Center.

I lay in a bed with beautiful crystals illuminated with vibrant colors above each of my seven chakras. Meditation was offered by Toyia, the intuitive crystal therapist, and she even saged the room to clear the energy and make space for healing. What is most amazing is what started to happen immediately after.

New inspiring people arrived and old friends I missed surfaced. I felt as though I was able to put myself out there in a new way and cultivate relationships with strangers. The energy blockage that was feeding into my lack of confidence was preventing me from fostering and starting new friendships and allowing myself to engage in my new community. People approached me because my energy was calm, grounded, and welcoming. I was extremely skeptical of this practice but something was released from me that day. I felt calm and confident and my confidence led to new opportunities and relationships. I truly recommend learning about chakras and reflecting on your own goals and energy. Creating space and radiating positive energy can create immeasurable change and open new doors.


More info on the procedure:

Chromotherapy is the science of using colors to adjust body vibrations to frequencies that result in health and harmony. Each color possesses frequencies of a specific vibration, and each vibration is related to different physical symptoms. Our bodies need the sun’s light to live. At Laya, we offer the Chakra Aligning Chromotherapy treatment. Seven clear quartz crystals are wrapped in copper and placed over the Chakra with correspondence to color of light.

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