Have you ever fallen in love, with a moment? Remember a time when you did or experienced something… something that made you feel totally proud, made you feel so good that you were actually in awe of yourself.

It was in that moment that you felt completely alive, excited to be on this planet, enthusiastic to be significant, and you were probably inspired to make a difference. It was one of those moments where you knew this is the kind of life you were born to live… every day.

How did you get to that moment?

You decided that’s how! You got to that glorious moment via a decision and what would your life have been without that one decision?

Decisions are the doorway to change.

Change starts from a moment of decision.

Think about a decision you made that changed your life. Now think about the decision that CAN change your life. What are you waiting for?

You can passively wait for one of those moments to arrive… Or you can make NOW one of those moments.

A life lived without passion is a live only half lived.
~ Dõv Baron

Everything you have experienced in your life has been a result of choices…choices you’ve made for yourself or you allowed someone else to make for you. Choices are simply decisions moving you through from one moment to next.

The question to ask yourself is: are you moving from one magnificent moment to the next or are you ‘choosing’ to not make a decision and as a result living a passionless existence.

You can live with more passion by starting with just one decision. Living a passion filled life may require different decisions than the ones you currently make when you wake up. However, you can passively wait to experience another spontaneous moment of passion or you can decide to make now the moment that propels you to the life you were born to live.

This is the only way to live with passion and become who you were born to be. There is nothing comparable to a passionate, authentic leader.

With gratitude,

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