I Always Wanted to Be the Sun

Joy Marshawn
The Leadership Journal by Butterfly Dreamz
1 min readJun 14, 2023


By Kiara Casseus for The Leadership Journal (p. 127)

i always wanted to be the sun.

to have warmth and light follow wherever I travel

to have everything i touch be illuminated with my light to be what draws everyone to their consciousness

a driving force that calls the earth to action

but the moon is what calls the earth to rest

shining its brightest when no one’s around

a lone figure in the sky

with rays not bright enough to demand the attention

sometimes full, at its best

but sometimes small enough to disappear into the night

i’m more like the moon.

but the sun cannot shine without the moon

as the moon cannot wax or wane without the sun

after all, the sun is what illuminates the moon at night.

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