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Weekly Update: How Being Too Competitive Can Limit Your Leadership

Leaders are typically competitors. At one level or another, most leaders I have met have a streak of competition in their souls. For some, that streak is obvious (and the only thing you ever see). It’s the driving force between everything they ever do. For other leaders, it may be more subtle. More like nuance in their philosophy, or an inner reminder that there’s room to get better.

In many situations and on many levels, competition is a necessary piece of leadership and organizational success. You have to have a drive.

Your competitive nature can also be the ceiling of your capacity. If you are constantly looking to outdo the next person, your ability to “do” alone will limit what gets done.

Whether it’s with a company down the street, a department down the hall, or a teammate down the table, competition can bring success, or it can bring destruction. As a leader, it’s important to know when to turn off (or down) the competition and turn up collaboration.

“People who are practiced in collaboration will do better than those who insist on their individuality”

— Twyla Tharp, The Collaborative Habit

Collaborating — partnership — with other leaders means coming to the end of yourself, realizing you cannot do it alone. You have to get to a point where you have a bigger vision than what you can accomplish on your own.

When the vision is big enough, your ego takes a back seat.

When your ego takes a back seat, you are more willing to sacrifice what’s “yours” for what’s best.

When you’re willing to sacrifice what’s “yours” for what’s best, your potential skyrockets.




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