Men: Body Map of Sexually Sensitive Points

Like women, men also have a number of erogenous points on their bodies. What places should you focus on and which ones should be left alone? Here’s a short guide.


Men’s buttocks are a bit of a problematic place. Some guys actually love when their partners tease those around. The vast majority, however, have mixed feelings about this. Why? Because it is an area built mainly of muscle and fat, and it is difficult to “stimulate” it. For this purpose, women often decide to knead and pat a lot, which many men just do not like that much. Without creating sensation of pleasure, men might actually become distracted and become disinterested in sexual activity. A woman who wants to decide on such a move to please buttocks should talk to her partner in advance and ask him directly about his preferences.


There is a series of erogenous points on the male neck! Ladies who want to light up their man’s senses should focus on those spots, especially during the foreplay. Men love when their partners gently irritate their neck with their tongue or smooth fingertips. It is important, however, that these are slow and subtle movements. Intense touching can produce the opposite effect from expectations and discourage the man from further playtime. What are you sure to avoid? Pointy nails.

Men’s chest and nipples

While the majority of women love when a man touches their breasts, the case looks different in the case of men. Although the male chest, especially around the nipples, is very sensitive to touch, it is unlikely to be sexually arousing. Why? Because although there are guys who love when their partner touches them in this area, the vast majority have a problem with it. This may be due to two reasons. First, guys do not always respond well to strong stimuli around the nipples. Second, men subconsciously believe that when it comes to pleasing nipples, the activity should be limited to women only. And although this is not a rule, of course, before a male chest massage, it’s worth consulting with your partner.


No one will be surprised that the penis is the most sensitive “point” on the male body. And although probably all guys love to get pleased in this area, you should keep in mind a few issues. As the penile tissue is extremely delicate, too much movement (or worse: application of nails or biting) can simply cause pain. Contrary to common expectations, most men need a “warm-up” before getting their crotch worked up. Women should start from male thighs, then crotch area, and finally get to the penis. The head of the penis is the crown jewel of pleasure. Use it wisely.


Passionate kisses can ignite lust in a woman as well as in a man. Of course, as with other points on the body map of sex spots, you shouldn’t overdo it here. Those who seem to think that an overly passionate kiss will immediately fire up the guy’s sexual desires may be wrong. Men like the “word of introduction”.That is, it may be a gentle stroking in the mouth, gradually, step by step, before passing into a passionate kiss. So modulate your technique, and monitor partner’s reaction.