Pardon My Writing

Excuse me. Coming through. I apologize for crowding your Medium feed with my random thoughts. It’s just — my mind has been paralyzed lately.

For two years, I wrote every day, and ideas flowed like rain. I never, ever, ever had trouble coming up with a topic, starting an article, or finishing it. If I didn’t feel qualified to write about a subject, I learned the subject, and then continued to write the article. Sadly, writing for two years straight burns you out, no matter how motivated you are, and I was forced to take a break, but when I returned, I found that my ability to write was gone. Somehow fear had crept into my writing, and fear is the #1 cause of writing block.

Given that, I know that I must force myself to write, publish, and share something everyday, not for the common good, but for my own good. I admit that this is a selfish endeavor, but it is something I must do if I ever want to write again.

By sharing my work, I will expose my work, and leave it vulnerable, and with that, I will hopefully grow back the thick-skinned writing prowess I once had.

If, for some strange reason, you’d like to follow my writing, you can do so here.

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