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The Liberal Canon

Beyond The Surface

Would you really ride with me?

Can you be the one who sees the light in me?

I’ll be the one who can fight for thee

And I know that you confide in me

But what is the price of faith in this world

When all everyone really does is just curse

The pain is eloquent, it shakes and it swirls

Making me shiver, makin’ me hurl

My soul when it quivers, give me some love

Give me the essence of hope and your fears

Take me to places which give me my high

Live my life careless and not about the whys cuz

Smiles are like oceans, your ships have to sail

And everything is violent, it’s just different scales

Everyone is right, they see their own ways

Everyone’s a puzzle, stuck in their own maze

As I hesitate, with my role in this place

Probably an artist so I do the suitable

Cuz I try to serenade every single beautiful

People off the stage, bobbin like the usual

At one with myself, my life is musical

My Bed is the beat, my pillows lyrical

They sleeping on me, but then that is typical

Cuz mentally I’m elevated but in the physical

I’m living by a very simple principle

That is to help others when their life is difficult

That is integral to be happy in this world.





“The Liberal Canon” is a student endeavour that hopes to give every individual the opportunity to express themselves. By initiating important conversations , sparking debates and encouraging dissent , the newsletter is playing a crucial role in moulding the leaders of tomorrow.

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The Liberal Canon

The Liberal Canon

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