Free games, templates, formats and inspiration for Scrum Teams

We love to create games, exercises, visuals and other things that are helpful to Scrum Teams. On this page we share what materials we can share freely. This is one small way to contribute to the community that we’ve learned so much from. And we also hope that we can contribute — in a small way — to making work more enjoyable, fun and liberating.

The only thing we ask of you is to treat our work with respect. Don’t remove our names or the names of the creators and/or claim it as your own.

Games, games, games & Lego (because Lego is always good)
  • An entire board (Trello) with inspiring combinations of LS that we’ve used during the various meetups of the Liberating Structures User Group of The Netherlands. Use the Chrome plug-in ‘Scrum for Trello’ to make the timeboxes work and add up automatically;
  • An entire board (Trello) with many, many exercises, icebreakers, energizers and other formats we’ve come up with (or collected). We are still busy translating them to English and adding more detailed descriptions. But it may be helpful to look around and find inspiration;
  • A folder with visualizations for myths and misunderstandings in the Scrum Framework. They accompany our on-going series of Scrum Mythbusters (art by Thea Schukken);
  • A cheatsheet with 10 strategies (PDF) to break down work on a Product Backlog;
  • A 1–2-Tweet template (PDF) for gathering insights and new ideas during workshops, training and other events (art by Thea Schukken);
  • An Improvement Canvas (PDF) for making improvements specific and practical. This is excellent for Sprint Retrospectives or to translate other learnings into next steps, as a team or individually (art by Thea Schukken). Note that we did not invent the canvas, but created a nice PDF for it;
  • 40 Seconds of Scrum (PDF) is a game you can play with Scrum Teams to refresh core concepts related to Agile software development. The original idea is by Barry Heins. Read more about how to play this game here (art by Fonkel);
  • A template for the Liberating Structure Ecocycle Planning (PDF). We’ve found this a very helpful tool for cleaning up Product Backlogs, stopping unproductive behavior (as teams) and for personal coaching. Read more about using this model here. Note that we did not invent the model, but created a nice PDF for it;
  • A Stakeholder Map (PDF). This is an excellent tool to help Product Owners map their stakeholders and identify strategies to involve them. We did not invent the model, but merely created a nice PDF for it;

The files are also available on Google Drive. More will be added as they are created. So keep an eye on this page for updates :)

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