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Improving the Sprint Review with Liberating Structures

A series on how to create more engaging and interactive Scrum Events with Liberating Structures

Purpose of the Sprint Review

Inspecting the Increment during a Sprint Review

The Agenda in a Nutshell


  • Find a close-able space that is big enough to comfortably move around in, preferably without tables or other objects obstructing the interactions between individuals. This emphasizes that this will be an interactive session, not ‘sitting around a meeting table’;
  • Decorate the room with materials that evoke memories of what the team is working on, effectively turning the entire room into an ‘extended brain’. This includes the Product Backlog, the Definition of Done, the Sprint Goal, the Sprint Backlog, work agreements (if you have them), the Product Vision and whatever else is helpful;
  • Although Scrum Masters can certainly facilitate the Sprint Review, there is nothing holding others back from facilitating. Since the Sprint Review is particularly important for the Product Owner, as he or she will be sharing the increment with stakeholders, it makes sense for him or her to also play a role;
  • Make sure you have sufficient index-cards for 10x10 Writing, markers & pencils, and flip charts for the Gallery Walk.

Getting started with 10x10 Writing (15 min)

Examples of statements to use for 10x10 Writing

Gallery Walk (15 min)

  • What confuses you the most?
  • What do you feel strongest about?
  • What is most insightful for you?
A crowded Gallery Walk during the Liberating Structures Immersion Workshop in Amsterdam, May 2019

UX Fishbowl (35 min)

“By focusing strongly on listening and asking questions about experiences, you can use UX Fishbowls to create an environment where people can learn together.”

A UX Fishbowl in full-swing

Min Specs (25 min)

  • The product we’re building exists in order to… (this helps clarify the purpose statement)
  • What work must we do the upcoming Sprint to help us achieve the purpose?

Mad Tea (20 min)

  • If we do nothing, the worst thing that can happen for us is…
  • A courageous conversation we are not having is…
  • An action or practice helping us move forward is…
  • Something we need to research is…
  • A bold idea I recommend is…
  • A question that is emerging for me is…
  • Something I plan to do is…
Mad Tea during the PSM II class in Bali


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