Scrum is a framework for empirical process control

Scrum: A Framework to Reduce Risk and Deliver Value Sooner (Updated to Scrum Guide 2020)

An overview of the Scrum framework, for people new to Scrum and those who’d like to refresh their understanding.

Christiaan Verwijs
Nov 23, 2020 · 27 min read

A Bit of History

The Pillars of Empiricism

Scrum: A Framework for Empirical Process Control

Scrum is a framework for empirical process control

The Scrum Artifacts

The Product Backlog

The Sprint Backlog

The Increment

What Else?

The Scrum Events

The Sprint

Sprint Planning

Sprint Planning is about selecting the work from the Product Backlog that is needed to achieve the Sprint Goal.

Daily Scrum

The Daily Scrum is where the Developers of a Scrum Team plan their collaboration towards achieving the Sprint Goal for the next 24 hours.

Sprint Review

The purpose of the Sprint Review is to inspect the work that has been done to date and to decide what next steps make sense based on what was learned.

Sprint Retrospective

During the Sprint Retrospective, the Scrum Team inspects how they worked together to achieve the Sprint Goal, and what can be improved in the next Sprint.

Product Backlog Refinement

The Scrum Accountabilities

Three accountabilities to balance three different perspectives: value, quality, and process.

Product Owner


Scrum Master

Together, the Scrum Team

Two Driving Principles

Deliver a Done Increment at Least Once Every Sprint

As the ability of Scrum Teams to deliver Done Increments moves to the right, the risk of un-done work decreases. And predictability increases. Inspired by work by Gunther Verheyen.

Use a Shared Product Goal and Sprint Goal to Create Cohesion

Five Core Values to Allow Empiricism

Together, a simple framework

In summary, a framework to reduce the risks of complex work and deliver value sooner.
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