Why You Should Dance

A few weeks ago I came across a lovely sentence that we just should dance, in the middle of the day, no matter what the reason is.

Agnes Laurens
Jan 13 · 5 min read

I can totally agree with this. I was touched when I read this sentence. When I was a child in I did classical ballet for 11 years (I quit in 2003), I did jazz dance for five years and I also did folklore dance. The great part was working towards a dance show with all the groups participating in this show. We had themes all the time when we did this show. As I was in two groups of the classical ballet and one group jazz dance. Sometimes there were moments that I had to hurry to change my clothes. I put them in my bag behind the coulisse. It was stressing sometimes. But there were always parents helping us changing clothes and put on performance make-up.

Don’t ask me to reproduce the moves I learned again. It is a very long time ago that I danced as I did back then, since 2003. I’m too stiff right now. Because I haven’t danced since I quit. I move by cycling and walking. But since I had to go to violin lessons more at that time, I had to quit my dancing lessons. I wanted to become a professional violinist (which I wasn’t ready for, I realized).

At the same time, my dance teacher started her own dance school. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go with her and dance at her dance school. She is a great teacher!

I always loved dancing, but I had difficulties with some exercises (as always was stiff). I remember doing the barre exercises. I was not able to go to the upper plank with my leg. Too stiff. I always was that way, no matter how much I moved. When I came home, I always had some pain. I think I didn’t do the exercises well. But that is talking about it afterward.

All those years I took ballet lessons and I always felt free. In my mind and in my body. Littery every inch of your body will be shaken up. In the sense of not thinking about your daily issues, or you will get a different perspective about issues you have on your mind. You could see them clearer. Also, you lose some energy you have (if you have that too much). Then you become more in peace with who you are or know better who you want to be. To me, like playing the violin, you are ‘away for a while’. You don’t think what is about on your mind. Like being in nature. Like any art too.

Also, you reduce stress when you’re going to dance. When you have been stressed, you lose some energy. I recommend to just dance at a place you feel safe and do crazy how much you can.

In this way, you stay much more fit.

Dancing is also good against depression. Depression is linked to stress. When you have that much stress, you will be more like to get into depression. You have that much stress when you’re having too much on your mind or on your plate. By letting things go that is on your mind and not doing that much in your life, you reduce that stress level you experience. When you see these things clearer, your body and mind get more peace, which has positive benefits for having no depression. Thus by dancing, your stress level is lower and less chance for having depression.

And as said before, it clears your mind.

One other thing is you learn to move on beats. The more you do, the more you know how to move on the beats (and you can impress your date).

And you want to be happy too, right? The happy hormone endorphins get free access. This means that your happiness is right in front of you!

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Agnes Laurens is a writer. She writes for the local newspaper. Agnes lives in Bunnik, The Netherlands, with her husband and three daughters. Writing is — aside from playing the violin — one of her passions since childhood. She is on Twitter and Instagram.

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The Life Essence

Writing about life, what life means and how we stand in life as a person. Because life is not perfect and everyone has their own values and perpectives of how life should be. All artitcles must be open to everyone.

Agnes Laurens

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Mother. Wife. Local #newspaper, #painting, #violin. Giving my soul into #writing. Subscribe: agneslaurens.substack.com. Mailing-list: http://eepurl.com/gA_TKX

The Life Essence

Writing about life, what life means and how we stand in life as a person. Because life is not perfect and everyone has their own values and perpectives of how life should be. All artitcles must be open to everyone.

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