The Life I’ve Had

Events that shaped me

What to read if you decided to learn UX

A little research in recommended books about User Experience

Manipulation: Cute on kids. On adults? Not so much.

Some never grow out of this childhood habit.

Most parents would agree that our kids, from as early as a…

Just wondering…am I finally ready for ‘that’ relationship?

After 9 years of singledom I damn well should be.

Just wondering…would you be friends with the people you have known for years if you met them today?

Are we still choosing our friends?

Just wondering…does attending a celebration for avoiding death…

warrant the same effort made to attend a funeral? 

Life lessons with Link

Nerd alert: This post will make little sense if you’ve never played a Zelda game. Feel free to read anyway, but I suggest stepping up your game and playing Ocarina of

I almost died once

I was maybe 5 or 6. Back before I had a chance to do anything. Before I knew there was anything to do.

My day care had a pool. Every summer, when school was out, they had pool days. I couldn’t swim so I stayed in the shallow end and splashed around and had a great time. At some point I thought it was fun to get out of the pool and jump back in, make a big…

The Life I’ve Had
The Life I’ve Had

Events that shaped me

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