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3 min readDec 20, 2021


The value of the Light Phone is not necessarily in any specific feature, but rather the experience we call ‘going light’. In a time in which we experience so much of our lives through hyper-connectivity, going light is a profound shift.

User Interviews

We also enjoy learning about all of the different ways in which our users fit the Light Phone into their lives, and we thought you, as a potentially interested user yourself, might find these interviews interesting as well.

An ongoing series of interviews with Light Phone users:

Going Light with Desi
Going Light with Donovan
Going Light with Aimee
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Going Light with Curran

What is Going Light?

Going light is leaving your smartphone and internet behind from time to time.

It’s about being intentional as to how you want to spend your day. It’s about making the space to prioritize what it is that you truly want to be doing, and giving it your best self, excuse-free.

Going light is a state of mind.

Going light can be whatever you want it to be: Spending time with your kids or your passion projects, listening closely to your favorite albums, slowing down and resting, or learning something new.

Going light empowers us to find balance with our relationship to technology in our day-to-day lives.

Going light is a choice. How will you choose to experience your life today?

Experiences Going Light

Whether it’s the number of books our users have been able to read, new hobbies they’ve picked up, or their ability to better focus on their craft, it’s been so humbling to hear positive stories from our users over the last few years. The Light Phone invites conversations amongst friends and strangers, it can lower levels of anxiety and lead to a new found peace of mind, all the while changing a myriad of habits along the way. The phone itself is, of course, only one aspect of these positive transformations. It requires self-will and motivation, and the persistence to get beyond the F.O.M.O and temptations. The Light Phone aspires to be a catalyst, but the real value comes in how you decide to spend this new time and space you’ve been afforded now that you’ve gone light.

Thanks for checking out the Light Phone! To learn more about going light, check out a little zine we made.

Packaging of Light Phone II

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