Summer Update

We’ve also grown quite a bit since the last update as a team, and now have over 10 people working on the Light Phone as we prepare to ramp up for launch. We have added resources to help with software development, fulfillment/distribution, and customer support so that we are ready for a smooth roll out this fall.

Almost everything is customized for Light Phone. So many learnings in going through the process of iterating on the phone. There is quite a lot going on for such a simple and small phone.

In the past few months our team successfully acquired all of the various licenses that are required to sell mobile device in both US/Europe. The Light Phone has now passed the tests and obtained licenses from FCC (Federal Communications Commission), PRCRB (PCS Type Certification Review Board) and CE (European Conformity).

Here’s a sneak peak at our custom cables that fit the Light Phone perfectly!

In our continued testing, we’ve made one change to the user experience of the Light Phone. The switch on the left hand side of the phone is now a lock for the phone, preventing it from turning on or answering within your pocket or bag. It was previously a switch that put the phone on silent or ring mode, an option that will now live in the menu of the Light Phone itself.


Gabriel Garzón Montano, a close friend of ours, who kindly made the song used in our Kickstarter video, has created our first light ringtone. We love the idea of having multiple ringtones to choose from and we will be building that capability out in the future.

Thank you to our partners.

We want to take a second to express our gratitude to all of our partners that have invested in us and continue to make the Light Phone a reality. Foxconn has not only provided their manufacturing expertise and resources, they also serve as our lead investor, helping us to grow and prepare for our roll out. The HAX community has supported us with valuable connections, especially in distribution.

And to our newest partner, we’ve been warmly welcomed to the NewLab in their beautiful new space in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The facilities for prototyping are the best around and the community is quite inspiring. Let’s see what we can come up with next here.

Hopefully you are able to enjoy some quality time away from the noise.