The Light Phone Packaging

When we began thinking about what the packaging of the Light Phone would look like we came to a pretty early realization that there was only two real options that make sense.

  1. Make the packaging with as little of a footprint as possible.
  2. Make the packaging have enough value that it is kept as an object.

We, of course, also wanted to experience to be special. Everyone always raves about how they love Apple’s packaging, but as we studied their packaging more and more we realized at what cost that “special” packaging came. The object you were unveiling was almost fetishized. A consumer orgasm of fancy print techniques and paper engineering, in which I toss the not so environmentally friendly packaging away and begin indulging in the object itself.

The Light Phone, however, is not a normal technology object. The value of the Light Phone actually is not in the Light Phone itself, but in the experience of going light and leaving behind your smartphone. How could we use the packaging as an opportunity to remind the user of the philosophy behind the Light Phone, to inspire and encourage.

We decided to make a book. We’ve been going light for two years now, experimenting with the concept behind the phone. Although this has been the busiest project we’ve ever taken on, we still find the time to remind ourselves what being light is like and why we felt so passionate about the Light Phone from the get go. One huge inspiration for co-founder Joe Hollier was his film cameras, which he brought with him more or less every time he went light. He captures the simple moments that we often taken for granted in our busy lives as we rush to document, share and consume constantly. It is the photographs from these light trips that lead you to the Light Phone itself, a reminder that the Light Phone is about going light.

We are not sure if the phone will always come in the book, but we were really excited about the idea for our initial launch to celebrate with our earliest backers. Hopefully seeing the book on your shelf or coffee table can act as a gentle reminder to yourself that your time is precious.

The book is manufactured in Taipei, Taiwan.

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