10 Ordinary Things You’ll Find Extraordinary Happiness In

The pursuit of happiness can be a long and tiring journey. Walt Disney says it’s ‘The Happiest Place On Earth’. Coke says you’ll ‘Open Happiness’ with every bottle. Insurance companies will advise you to save up for a happier future. Google will give you a million search results on happiness. People travel from Kanyakumari to Haridwar to the Himalayas, sometimes all around the world, in search of that intangible mysterious feeling.

So where is it really? Can we locate it? Yes.

There are infinite ways of reaching there, however, most of us fail because we have been using the wrong map.

So let’s start a new journey. Here are 10 things where you’ll find true happiness:

A Candle Light Dinner

You don’t have to board a plane to reach this paradise. It’s in your own ‘home sweet home’ — your beautiful nest of happiness.

Come home early from work one day for an endearing candle light dinner with your spouse. Cook a simple meal and garnish the moment with a long conversation. Let happiness illuminate the room.

A Letter to a Close Friend

Happiness is often concealed in the simplest of things, like between the warm words of a handwritten letter. Pour your heart out into the paper. Talk about the days when you bunked classes to watch movies. Talk about the tours that took you across the country. Talk about the Saturday night hangovers. Talk about anything. Let happiness gently flow through your stories of nostalgia.

A Good Book

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A book isn’t merely a collection of pages of information. It’s an outlet of emotions. It’s knowledge in neatly aligned streams of words. It’s an expression from the heart. Sometimes it’s almost like a real human being you can find happiness with.

So connect with a book. Connect with the fables of love, learn from the stories of war, travel the entire universe through its pages and bring back some pearls of wisdom.

A Flock of Birds

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Is there a sight better than a flock of birds in the sky?

Switch off your mobile phone for a few minutes to observe the beauty around you. We often forget to notice them because we are blindfolded by deadlines and boardroom meetings — if not, locked inside our touchscreen devices.

Don’t miss out the birds, or the butterflies, or those colourful flowers nearby — bask in happiness with your eyes.

A Walk in the Rain

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Sometimes happiness comes in the form of mild showers. Sometimes in the form of a tranquil breeze. Sometimes, both. When we miss them — sitting inside our homes with closed doors and window. Yes, we miss a lot: the calming drizzle, the music of raindrops, the soothing chill. Step out, don’t let happiness disappear just like that.

A Board Game

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When was the last time you played a round on the Carrom board? Or a game of Scrabble? Or any board game for that matter?

Chances are, you played them a long time ago. Today, you are probably tripping on Temple Run or FIFA. Though all kinds of games induce a jolt of thrill and joy, there’s something special about board games: they’re organic, tangible, and real.

Even the brand new version of Xbox can’t give you that upgrade of happiness.

A Song

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Whenever you feel like scaling up the level of Oxycontin in your brain, pick up your musical instrument and start playing. If you don’t have one, pick up whatever’s around you and start singing — a remote, a comb, a hair-dryer, whatever. It doesn’t matter if you are not able to hit the right note or not. You’ll still be happy because your heart and soul were tuned in together.

A Favourite Old Movie

Call your friends over for an evening to watch a good movie, with bowls of overflowing popcorn. Play one of your favourite old flicks — mimic its dialogues, sing and joke.

What can be better than watching Sholay for the 25th time with your best friends? Isn’t that pure unedited happiness?

A Sunset

On your way back home one day, take a different route. Stop at a quiet place from where you can watch the sun sink into nothingness. Soak in the peace. Calm your mind. No DSLR camera can contain that pleasure in pictures. This form of happiness is only for those who are willing to experience it for real.

A Playground

Hit the playground and notice how kids play, and you’ll turn into one too. As they ride their plastic cycles or make houses and trucks from little mountains of clay, you’ll feel like playing too. You’ll smile, you’ll laugh, you might even think of uncanny questions like them — basically you’ll be as happy as a child.

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