17 Motivational Ways To Go From Stressed Out To Happy

Originally published at lmt-lss.com on February 17, 2016.

A few good steps and you’re on your way to happiness.

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When we feel awfully stressed out, it seems to us like we’ll never recover from this phase. We just can’t seem to find a way to de-stress effectively and return to our balanced, happy state. If you find yourself in such a situation at the moment, don’t fret. Go ahead and try out some of these 17 ways to go from stressed out to happy in quick time.

1. Avoid watching the news until it’s extremely necessary. Stories about crime, terror, and pointless political battles wear people down. Watch National Geographic or Discovery instead.

2. Pick up the phone, call up your friend, and go for a walk. Or catch up over coffee. Whatever floats your boat. This can really help you relieve the stress.

3. Workout. This cannot be overstated. You don’t have to go to the gym. It could be a session of Yoga at home or a set of body-weight exercises. It will help you feel refreshed.

4. Do something for someone else. Hold the door open for another, give your seat to an elderly on the bus. This shifts the focus outwards, and you start to feel better.

5. Sleep well. Sleep for at least 8 hours at night. And take an afternoon nap if you think you need it. Sleep rests the body and mind, and you see the difference immediately.

6. Clear the clutter in your room. Put all the stuff in their proper places, dust out the entire space, and organize things. This will trigger a sense that your mind’s clutter is being cleaned up as well.

7. Identify an area of life that’s bothering you. It could be marriage, work, religion, or anything else, and watch a stand-up comedy act on that subject. You’ll learn new insights on your problems while having a hearty laugh at it.

8. Write down all your thoughts and feelings furiously onto a notebook. Set the page on fire. Don’t worry about how the writing looks or sounds. Just express yourself. Your mind will feel a lot lighter.

9. Listen either to your favorite song(s) or album(s) or to music you’ve never heard before. Music has such a powerful effect on the mind and body that it has an instant healing effect.

10. Grab a glass of delicious smoothie, or any other drink of your choice, preferably healthy. And direct all your focus on, and enjoy the phenomenal taste of, the delicious drink.

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11. Sit down at your desk and write thank you notes to everyone who’s contributed significantly to your life. Make it honest and heartfelt, and later send it to them. (Avoid email, though.)

12. Wear clothes and accessories that make you feel great, and head out around town. The bustling energy on the streets will draw you in and turn your focus on the strange kind of beauty that surrounds you.

13. Make sure you set time aside each day to do the things you absolutely love. It can be singing, stargazing, making things, or any other activity. Take time out to indulge in them every day so you feel better about your day.

14. Disconnect from the internet for longer periods of time. The memes, status updates, and pictures only serve as a distraction and simply prolong your misery, not eliminate it.

15. Also, limit the amount of information you consume online. Most of that stuff seldom adds value to your life, and instead leaves you heavily drained out at the end of the day.

16. Go out into nature and connect with your surroundings. The trees, the bees, the plants, the air — immerse yourself in these miracles. It’ll transform your whole experience.

17. Remind yourself how every time you’ve been stressed out, you’ve been able to pull yourself out of it successfully. Remember, this phase too shall pass.

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