I call this look…

Big Daddy Bradford, BDB, the Free-Range Bison.

Insert a joke about the drought, ladies and gentlemen. At 6'6", BDB makes cliches about tall drinks of water feel cool and refreshing and though he is well mannered, no one ever takes his barstool unless their sure he’s done with it. And he is done, since selling partnership in a restaurant and bar last year to be a stay-at-home dad to Foxwing, the Great and Terrible Two.

The first order of business in this new venture was to make Little Dove, Foxwing’s brother, tout suite, because even stay-at-home dads need job security. Since then, it’s been all daddy all the time and every tire swing knows his name.

I wrote about our courtship for Harper’s BAZAAR, and how if it weren’t for my brain-injured brother Daniel, we might never have cemented it, and because, obviously, this is a very fashionable love affair. Or is it the other kind, the “what not to wear” page cum “who not to love,” and I’m there with the censor’s bar x’d over my heart because, um, a younger man and leggings? Just no.

BDB wants to be a feminist but in darker moments he’s been known to suggest that breastfeeding while grading papers doesn’t look that hard. And he keeps doing that thing with his socks. Still, what with the staying home with the kids and the delicious meals, we pray for his continued liberation from the constraints of tall, white and handsome male privilege. May he be released.