Art Blocks 101

A Beginner’s Guide to

Getting Started


Setting up MM

Funding your MetaMask Wallet

Buy ETH on MetaMask with Wyre

  1. You can buy ETH with a credit card or Apple Pay through Wyre using MetaMask by clicking “Buy,” then “Continue to Wyre.”

Buy or Deposit ETH from other Exchanges

Art Blocks Platform

Types of Projects




Stay up to date

Drop Time


What is the difference between a Linear Dutch Auction and an Exponential Dutch Auction?

  • Linear Dutch Auctions specify starting price, starting time, ending time, and ending price, and the price will linearly decrease over that time for each block. The price will then gradually decrease each block over the total auction time.
  • * In Exponential Dutch Auctions, artists specify the starting price, ending price, and the half-life for price drops. As an example, let’s say that an exponential dutch auction was starting at 1 ETH and lowering to 0.1 ETH over 30 minutes. In this case, the half-life is 9 minutes meaning that over the course of every 9 minutes, the price would gradually be cut in half. So after 9 minutes, the DA will reach 0.5 and after 18 minutes, the DA will reach 0.25. The price drops within those half-life steps will gradually lower every block.

Gas Price and Gas Limit

Minting Process

  1. Before the drop, make sure your MetaMask wallet is connected by clicking “Connect to MetaMask” in the top right. Enter your password and click “Unlock.”

MUST-READ FOR BEGINNERS: Mint Warnings and Failed Transactions

Your Collection and Secondary Markets

Art Blocks Collection




Viewing your collection on OpenSea

  1. Description: This same project description displayed on the Art Blocks website is viewable here.
  2. Properties: These are the features from Art Blocks’ details page. On OpenSea, these properties include trait rarity among the collection.
  3. Item Activity: This gives you an overview of every interaction back to the token’s creation from “NullAddress,” including offers, listing price, sales, and transfers.

Buying an Art Blocks piece on OpenSea




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