Charity on Chain: 2021 Wrap-Up

Edifice #528 — Ben Kovach

What a wild year it’s been. As we inch closer to 2022, we’ve had some time to stop, take a breath, and look at just how crazy this ride has been so far. One of the more incredible things about our journey is how much money has been raised through the platform.

The first Charity on Chain article was written in May and covered three projects — Stippled Sunsets, Rhythm, and Gen 3. Those projects raised ~$300,000, which was a staggering amount at the time.

The second article was written in August. It covered quite a few more projects but brought the total from ~$300,000 to 2.3 million. Again, I was floored. We were obviously picking up steam, but this number just sounded crazy for a company that was only nine months old.

Then, August happened, and I wrote this insane update. In August alone, $23.5 million was raised for charity through the Art Blocks platform. Talk about a show-stopping performance. The article was short and to the point, because I felt my blabbering couldn’t adequately convey just how nuts that was. After August, the total raised for charity sat ~$26 million.

The last update in the series covered September and October. In those two months, the community added another $12 million, bringing the total raised to ~$38 million at the end of October.

This brings us to now. I’m happy to report that since the last update, projects have generated an additional $5.5 million PLUS an additional $1 million donated by Art Blocks. This brings the total amount donated to just under $45 million in the first year.

Before I get into the breakdowns, here is a MAJOR DISCLAIMER:

Due to the nature of Ethereum value fluctuations and different tax laws, the numbers in this article are most likely not accurate. Some charities have a crypto wallet, making it easy to send their donations via Art Blocks’ smart contract. Other charities have red tape to work through before accepting large donations. Also, tax obligations are all over the map and vary greatly. This article is meant to give the community a general idea of donation totals, not exact numbers.

To arrive at these totals, I either 1) asked the artists for the total donated, 2) asked the artist for the ETH (or stable coin) set aside for the charity, or 3) calculated the totals based on the amount pledged and the price of Ethereum on the day the project sold out.

Last, some charities are not equipped to accept crypto donations, or they won’t accept large donations from unknown donors, so the charities are subject to change at the artists’ discretion. However, the pledged amount will not change.

Art Blocks Anniversary Charity Drive

We celebrated our first anniversary by giving away a million dollars to a slew of charities. Some were picked by the Art Blocks staff, some by our moderators, and others by the community itself. In total, the million dollars went to 80+ charities that are personally meaningful to the people that make Art Blocks a thriving community.

Charity is a pillar of what we’re creating together, and we are excited to support impactful organizations.

[Amount | Charity | Project | Artist(s)]

Note: some projects above are currently open, and charity totals may not be final.



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