Meet the Curation Board: Peter Molick

Peter Molick

Meet the Curation Board is a series that introduces the Art Blocks community to the board members and their backgrounds.

  1. What is your background as it relates to art and design?

My professional background is in architecture and photography. After receiving a degree in architecture, I worked in the field for a number of years before moving into the photography side of things full-time as an architectural photographer. In addition to architecture and interiors, I have worked extensively with galleries, museums, and artists to help document and share their work. I have also had the opportunity to exhibit my personal work on various stages, most notably in 2016 at the Venice Architectural Biennale.

2. What is your background as it relates to crypto?

Before this year, my experiences with crypto have mainly been on the investing/trading side, which started around 2017. Since the uptick in the NFT movement, I have become much more tied into what is going on in the space and have been exploring what the implications of it might be for photography and related mediums.

3. How would you describe your taste in art?

My tastes in art have evolved over time, but generally, I have always gravitated towards work that has a clean, minimal aesthetic, often with an emphasis on an artist’s technical prowess with their medium. As someone with a background in technical drawing, I will never tire of an artist’s ability to put a brush or pencil to paper. Over time I have developed a real appreciation for much subtler and more fluid techniques and artists who can create compelling work through abstract forms and spatial qualities. Art Blocks and the greater generative art community have really opened my eyes to a form of art that I have been fairly oblivious to in the past and have quickly found a fascination and deep respect for.

4. What got you interested in Art Blocks?

Erick (Snowfro). Erick is a close friend and has had a vision for what Art Blocks could be for years now, and I have been fortunate enough to sit through many (many) conversations over that time as he worked through this vision. Admittedly, I am such a visual person that it wasn’t until I began to see the work that many of the artists he’d been following for so long were creating and how they could utilize what he was building that I really developed an appreciation for what was possible. Once this clicked for me, I quickly became enamored with some of the projects that were being created on the platform and am in awe of what the artists in this space are able to create.

5. When you review an Art Blocks project for curation, what qualities are you looking for?

As I mentioned above, I am drawn to work that I find strong aesthetically before anything. From there, I am looking for projects that stand out among the large pool of work we are reviewing and want to see something that piques my curiosity. I want to see that an artist has depth in their vision for the work and creates a dialog with the viewer beyond being a pretty picture or technical achievement. Aside from that, I want to see that the project has been thought through in how it will fit on a platform like Art Blocks, which means looking at the variability across the number of iterations they are proposing for the work and that is engaging and unique across the spectrum.

6. What is your overall vision for the curated collection at Art Blocks?

I would say that this is evolving as the platform and breadth of work grow over time. I hope that we can continue to raise the standard of work brought into the curated collection and that a wide variety of generative work is represented throughout. The challenge to artists will be to develop work that breaks new grounds to showcase their vision and the potential for what this medium can make possible. The board is comprised of a very diverse and talented set of people, and I think that together we bring a unique set of perspectives that will help to develop a really strong representation of work.

7. Is there anything you hope to see in future projects?

I’m anxious to see how future projects evolve and how artists continue to expand on the possibilities of what Art Blocks helps to facilitate in their practices. I anticipate future works that are doing things that I, for one, certainly cannot fathom that will expand on my knowledge of what generative art is and how we interact with it both personally and collectively.



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